Royal Oaks Assisted Living Center
Sun City, AZ .... completed November 2003
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Artist Ezshwan was commissioned to paint
two 8 foot tall by 4 foot wide vineyard
landscapes on canvas.
 The finished pieces were edged
 with fabric and hung on an elegant tapestry rod.
a smaller landscape by Ezshwan fills a space in a
sitting area of the main lobby


a custom watercolor by Anne Allemann was
specifically created for the large space
above the fireplace
artist Melanie Thomson was commissioned to create this
13' mural on canvas in the Oak Tree Lounge


murals by Diana Campanella fill the niches outside the auditorium


a custom tryptich on canvas is located
inside the auditorium


Sun Garden Room

Anne Allemann painted trailing vines and
 flowers to compliment the
decor in the
Sun Garden Room