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is not indeed every man a student, and do not all things exist for the student’s behalf?

ralph waldo emerson

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the works of korey gulbrandson represent artistic destinations along one man’s journey through existence as one who is awake, aware, and alive.

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each of korey’s brush-strokes reflects a present-tense connection with the flow of life. he offers his works to others as opportunities to connect with the mysterious forces that shape our every breath.

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korey’s current physical process includes texturing wax and acryllic paints over his carefully crafted wooden canvasses. his artistic process is intuitive and sometimes incorporates found objects that speak to him within the context of his daily journeys.

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korey is a native of the northwest. in the past ten years he has traveled extensively while honing the signature artistic style currently reflected in his body of work.



Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Korey comes from a family of inventors and artists.  He has been pencil sketching all his life until discovering color/paint about ten years ago.  These abstractions that he creates are a step by step process of defining life.  The balance and process, as we know it; from a philosophical perspective is what his work is constantly reaching to define.  Most directly he enjoys emphasizing the contrast of things, negative space vs. form.




April                 2004         Group Show, Artisimo Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

January             2003         Group Show, Artisimo Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ           

June                  2001         750 ML, Pearl District, Portland,  OR.

May                   2001         Madeleine, Belltown, SeattleWA.

April                  2001         Lake Oswego Junior Women’s League,

                                           Art and Wine Auction, Portland, OR.  

April                 2001         Artisimo Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.

March               2001         Zelda’s Shoe Bar, Portland,  OR.

March               2001         Tonic, On-going exhibition, Portland,  OR.

February           2001         Electric Substation Show, Last Thursday,

                                           NE Alberta District, Portland,  OR.

February           2001         Artisimo Gallery, charity Show, Scottsdale, AZ

December        2000         Torrefazione Italia, Pearl District, Portland, OR.

December        2000         Beaumont Wines, Portland,  OR.

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